Dale Beckman



Abstracted landscape paintings


Contemporary art and the vibrational landscape

Dale Beckman is a contemporary landscape painter. Most of Beckman's work portrays a world of vibrating energy constructing physical form. Beckman's universe is a singular organism displaying itself in a multifaceted form. Lines of energy vibrate and spin in an array of auras. Visible sound and light are seen as communicating between the parts of a greater whole.



"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert Einstein







Dale Beckman
536 Saddle Drive Helena, MT 59601 US
Phone: 406-449-6163 Website: www.dalebeckman.net

Fractal fall
Acrylic on canvas
$5,800 plus s/h

This fall image of the trees changing color has the Pintler mountain range filling the space behind them.  The painting as a whole is broken apart or built up out of numerous parts.  This fractal composition loosely reflects Mandelbrot's mathematical equation of creation.

Changing seasons
Acrylic on Masonite
24" x 40"
$3,600 plus s/h

The large cottonwoods were all a glow outside my home in Abiquiu.  They lined the Rio Chama and the Jemez mountains lined the sky behind them.

Utah hill #6
Oil on Masonite
24" x 40"
$3,200 plus s/h

This hill caught my attention; just as about any variation from flatness will, in a desert area such as this.  The plants, the ground, the sky all fractal patterns breaking up and then again merging back together.

Utah hill #2
Acrylic on Masonite
24" x 40"
$2,800 plus s/h

I spent some time climbing around the large sandstone rock formations in Arches National Park.  This is a composition of some of those sandstones.

Utah hill #5
Oil on Masonite
30" x 40"

$2,800 plus s/h

This is a large painting of the sandstone rock formations in Arches National Park, a place in Utah worth visiting.

Winter haunts the Elkhorn mountains

Acrylic on canvas
24" x 36"
$3,200 plus s/h

This painting is of the Elkhorn mountains covered in snow on a long cold winter's day.

A couple of clouds
Pastel on paper
14" x 17"
$1,200 plus s/h

The ground, the trees, the sky, the entire field of vision is broken apart with fractal design.  Energy bouncing around everywhere.  Form's shapeshifting quality captured in an evaporating moment.

Light beings at Ghost Ranch
Mixed media on paper
22" x 30"
$500 plus s/h

The light in the high altitude desert vibrates at frequencies beyond what most of us are accustom to.  Frequencies of sound change the density of one's own being.  Celestial sound changes the form of the world.

I like to blend the imagined with the objective.  My art gives a window into theory and possibility and contrary to what some may think, I only wear my tin foil hat on special occasions.


Understanding how sound affects matter

Sound creates patterns,design and form
Frequencies Sound + Vibration = Secret Geometry


Photographer; Alexander Lauterwasser, photographs water under the influence of sound.
Hidden World: Cymatics


The SOLFEGGIO TONES of Joseph Puleo (Cymatics).wmv

Water has memory.  Water is conscious.
Make Structured water using 528 Hz DNA frequency


The substance of things not seen.
Evan Grant: Making sound visible through cymatics

Approaching Garrison Junction
Acrylic on canvas
24" x 36"
$3,200 plus s/h

Garrison Junction is where Hwy 12 and I-94 connect.  The Pintler mountain range towers the sky line.

White pillar
Oil on Masonite
36" x 48"

$4,800 plus s/h

White pillar is a prominent formation in Plaza Blanca.  The Sangre de Cristo mountains rest on the ground under cerulean skies.

Pillars in Utah
Acrylic on canvas
26" x 36"

$2,200 plus s/h

These are a couple of pillars from the Arches National Park area.  I enjoyed using an impasto technique when I painted this landscape.

Fall Cottonwoods
Acrylic on Masonite
23" x 36"

October in Abiquiu, outside my house, another giant cottonwood lights up in a display of fall color.

Colorado trees and clouds
Oil on Masonite
24" x 40"
$2,800 plus s/h

This was the view I enjoyed one day while driving up Hwy 285 in the San Jaun valley in the state of Colorado.

Primordial Memory
Ink and pigmented pencil on paper

14" x 17"
$1,200 plus s/h

Sometimes, the paper and the medium speak a different language.  At first it seems foreign but then, a while later, it seems familiar. 

Sunset through California forest fire smoke
Acrylic on Masonite
30" x 40"
$3,800 plus s/h

Smoke from the fires in California color the skies of New Mexico.

This is an interesting video that goes into the TOTALITY as SELF.
KYMATICA - just the interesting stuff 


Going beyond the false EGO
The following video discusses transpersonal psychology.